You know those eco-friendly reusable bags, the ones you see at grocery stores? Well, our COO, Rima, had a fabulous idea to marry advertising and these bags (BagVertising™) as a medium for local businesses to get themselves out into the community! With one side of the bag featuring the “vendor” and the other 3 sides showcasing businesses local to said vendor! #genius right?

Bagvertising provides small businesses with the opportunity to co-brand and advertise with one of our top-tier distribution partners on a high-quality reusable product that is reusable for years!

Keep reading to find out how BagVertising™ will benefit your business!


Co-brand your business with a top vendor!

We’re talking McDonald’s, Sobeys, ACE Hardware and more, which are all household names. Even better, they are located in your business community! Whether it be with your local fire department, farmers’ market, top grocer, hardware store, or an internationally recognized restaurant, we guarantee that you are teaming up with the best in your community



The bags are distributed to the vendor and handed out.

People then reuse these bags over and over again and bring them with them on the go in the community. Each bag averages 5,700 + impressions, meaning that they are seen a minimum of 5,700 times! That’s A LOT of views!

BagVertising generates more impressions in North America than any other promotional item. Maximize your ROI!


You will be alongside a number of other local businesses from the same community, BUT you will be the only business advertising in your industry.

This means that if you are an electrician, you are the only electrician on the bag, hairstylist? same deal. You will have the spotlight for your industry and won’t need to worry about competition!

Custom Ad Design

We have an award-winning design team ready to bring your ideas to life!

Ad design is included and we will not stop until you love it! We will revise your ad as many times as you need! You also own the ad once it’s finished, and have free reign to use it on social media or wherever you please.


Distribution from the vendor happens fairly quickly, but use carries on for years in the community!

The bags usually last for 3-5 years, and can be used for almost anything! We still see people in the community with bags out and about from a few years ago!


Compared to other forms of advertising, the price/ impression is incredibly low! With different ad sizes available, prices start at pennies per impression!

So what are you waiting for? Connect with one of our fabulous team members and start BagVertising today!