our mission

building with you

We have built relationships with over 40,000 advertising clients throughout North America.

Most of our clients are small to medium-size businesses. However, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 5,000 prominent brands.

We have printed over 5 million reusable Turtle Tote Bags in 4 years.

In 8 years, we have printed over 10 million advertising flyers.

Chris and Rima - The MARC Group
Chris – CEO, Rima – COO

Starting at the future

Established in 2012, The MARC Group is a family-owned business built on the foundation of strong family values and the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect.

Consisting of over 40 members, our team continuously works hard and strives to deliver each one of our clients a dynamic and effective advertising opportunity. Our mission is always to stand behind and support our clients while utilizing our areas of expertise to help their businesses flourish.