Properly developed web services can be a key strategy to your small business. You intend to publish your company online. What are you going to do? You might follow in the footsteps of numerous other aspiring entrepreneurs, saving money by using cookie-cutter websites and other services meant to get your brand online as quickly and painlessly as possible.

However, as a wise businessperson, you understand that cheap costs more in the long run.

If you want to be successful, you must differentiate your company and make it stand out from the crowd. To accomplish this, a small investment in affordable online professional services can be the difference between signing more cheques on the front or the back end.

Design and Programming for the Web

Ultimate Guide to Website Services

Web Design Is Important

Following the development of your company concept, one of the most important web services for small businesses to consider is the design of your website – everything, from first impressions to navigation clarity, influences the customer’s subconscious.

While it is simple to find inexpensive website templates, keep in mind that there are many of them available on the internet. Get a cookie-cutter design if your business messaging is “fly by night.” These sites are ideal for bloggers and people we may grow to know over time; nevertheless, corporations must create the correct impression the first time. “The business is credible – and unique – enough to merit our commitment and investment,” this statement should convey.

Whether you engage a young, hungry freelance designer or a web design firm, an original website designed by an experienced designer will almost certainly make a significant impact on your traffic response. Estimate a minimum cost of $1500 and a month of development time for a simple, functional site (home page, 3 internal pages and a contact form).

For medium-sized enterprises, these fees might range from $10,000 to $50,000 or more.

The Importance of Web Programming

Small business online services related to coding include the creation of a “dynamic site” for your company. The days of hanging a plain HTML shingle and waiting for the phone calls are long gone.

Data collected could range from instant feedback on forms to faster navigation experiences.

A WordPress Guru (WordPress is a Content Management System used by over 46% of the internet) could be the specialist providing online services for your small business.

The MARC Group utilizes WordPress on nearly all of our projects. This has many benefits including scalability. Our web development services keep your company’s growth at the forefront of our strategy.

Professional coders can also help you create bespoke web applications that will make your site more active, engaging, and converting. They are frequently online masters for small enterprises.

Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Web Services

Website hosting graphic

Web hosting – the servers that house your website – range in price from dirt cheap “man in a basement” to global. Consider downtime, service disruptions, scaling, reliability, and customer service costs when calculating the hosting budget. You may research client satisfaction and avoid the pitfalls connected with the “race to the bottom” path because there are so many economical and dependable hosts available.

The MARC Group offers free web hosting with the purchase of a web design package. This deal is worth $399! Our hosting can grow to accommodate increased traffic or abrupt spikes in client activity.

As a result, small web businesses may readily locate affordable professional hosting that will not break their site – or their bottom line.

Other Web Services to Consider for Small Businesses

Web Content Development, Web E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, and Analytics Services may be included to help you understand your traffic trends from the mountains of available data at your fingertips. Some people can do everything, but specialists are unique.

The MARC Group integrates Google Analytics into every website project, capturing vital data from the start.


In a word, an analytics expert will assist you in understanding and defining your business challenge. A developer, on the other hand, will assist you in developing your web solution. Collaboration with The MARC Group can result in major economic gains.

Website Strategy, Development and Design

Establish your digital presence today and discover your market potential with The MARC Group’s website design services.